A new journey

Some may wonder how I was lead to homeschooling…When I got married I worked a full-time job. We had always talked that when we had children I would stay home with them. In 1988 and 1989 we had our first two daughters, in 1994 daughter #3 came along. Our older two were at the time attending public school. In 1996 we decided to sell Christmas trees on a lot in Lewisburg, PA. We took the girls out of school for the month to do so. I got all of the work from the public school that was to be done and we basically homeschooled them. It was at that time I realized I might be able to do this. It took another 3 years to make a change. Our girls went to a  private Christian school (Heritage Christian Academy) that first year away from public school. During that year I knew I could homeschool them. So in 2000 we started our journey of becoming a homeschooling family, and have never looked back.

A little about me…..

Hello, I am new to blogging so bear with me. I married my High School sweetheart, Terry and we will be celebrating our 32 Anniversary this coming May. I am 52 and a homeschooling mom and grannie. We have graduated 3 daughters and are still homeschooling our son (age 9). We live in the country on one acre and raise free range chickens. We also work on the family farm part-time raising Christmas trees. I am hoping to encourage moms who homeschool with this blog. For if i can do it, so can you. My faith and my family are very important to me.